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Participatory documentation practices

Participatory documentation practices

and the co-creation of learning artifacts

Early 2016 – I’m looking at footage I captured from a recent contract, distracted by a strong brewing question : would it possible to marry a documentation process with the co-creation of an object of some significant use, an object that helps memory, that remains useful long after it’s creation, an object that really contributes to a cause?

April 2016 – A prototype : a book, co-created by 80 people in one night, exploring the transformative potential of the festival scene.

June 2016 – The Work is completed, it starts to travel, and it seems to impress.

Download the full ebook for free or Buy a copy at cost 

July 2016 – The story surrounding this process bares fruit and I receive an invitation : “Could we use a similar process to document that CommonSpace during the World Social Forum this year?  Little problem : it’s only in a few weeks.”
I say no ; I say “we can do better”

Small scale panic attack.

In 2 thunderously dizzying nights, I come up with a plan : a game design and a harvesting process for a card game that documents the World Social Forum creates a game on the Commons. All the pieces are ready to go, let’s just hope the project gets accepted.

4th of August 2016 – First day of the World Social Forum.

Me and my team created an installation to encourage people to create cards,

we made a page on which people will lay down their learnings and

we wrote about 100 questions to sparks their imagination.

Our intention was clear : invite people passing through the World Social Forum to commit their highlights and major learnings to a card format. We had 2 teams following the activities of the CommonSpace ready to approach people and ask them to contribute something to our forthcoming card game

Fast forward a few days : me and the team, Crumbled from exhaustion, surrounded by piles of papers, all cards created by all these new connections we met during the Forum. In total we’ve got 250 cards created by 50 different people.

Creating the C@rds in Common

So here we are : a 250 page document demonstrating people’s experience of the World Social Forum ; that’s enough work, right ? Not quite.

Next was the transformation, gamification, selection of cards for the game, the creation of rules, the multiple rounds of testing and the endless cycle of balancing. Turns out that creating a card game is a handful ! In all, it took us 8 versions and 4 months to get to a place where we feel the game is ready for it’s first public outing.

Here are the C@rds in Common – A game of political collaboration that documents the commons

Today, the C@rds in common see the light of day !

6 months after the Social Forum, our documentation / game on the commons is ready to circulate, be played by you and fuel your conversations on social change.

For this occasion, we’ve prepared a ton of resources that will, we hope, help you all get the most out of this project :

1- First off, what are the C@rds in Common ?

C@rds in Common is a tabletop card game where 2 to 5 players collaborate to create a resilient civil society capable of defending against enclosing forces. This game is composed of cards created by commoners from around the world who, together, painted a portrait of the commons so that, when you play, you play with real projects against real world problems. This game has essentially a double function : it’s a conversation facilitator on common themes which accomplishes on this intent via the mediums of fun and play and it’s a snapshot of some of the realities of the commons, a tool that will hopefully help us continue to document the commons using cards as containers of information

2 – Interesting ! What if I want to know more about the game ?

We’ve got a ton of media ready to help people learn more about this game.

Here’s a video tutorial on the game mechanics to help you get a sense of what kind of game it is and to help you get ready for your first games :

and a video that tells a similar story, if reading isn’t your favourite thing :

Finally, we’ve got a very detailed document on the step by step creation of this tool that is currently only in french but will hopefully be translated by someone awesome very soon (you? 😉 )

3- What are the C@rds in Common for ?

In essence, this tool exists at the intersection of play and learning. It’s primarily a fun card game to play with friends which helps grapple with some of the questions relevant to the common cause.

Here are a few ideas as to where / how to use the game once you have it

  • with friends and family, for laughs and a challenge
  • with political / activist organizations in your community
  • In your local libraries
  • with the game creation geeks in your area
  • in learning activities around the commons
  • Mostly with people you know who have yet to discover the world of the commons.

4 – Ok, I’m interested, how do I get a copy of this game ?

There are 3 options open to those interested in getting the game :

a- visit to download the source files and print the game yourself (currently under construction)

(from my experience, self-printing costs about 25 to 30$ Canadian)

b-Visit to order you full copy, complete with box and booklet.
(This item is sold to you at cost but, if you do not reside in the US, careful of shipping costs !)

c-Reduce your shipping costs by joining a group pre-order by writing to if you are in Canada or to and if you are in Europe.

5 – I live in Montreal and would love to come and a play a game with you sometime soon ! What should I do ?

Very soon, we’ll annonce a celebration of the release of the C@rds in Common for Montreal. Please follow to get the info as soon as it’s published!

6- I live in Europe and also want to play games with you all ! Hwhat should I do?

7 – I’d like to join to help the project move along. What can I do ?

That’s very nice of you ! We have the ambition of sharing everything that is needed to help people create their own cards and full games while letting the tool grow in potential and power but we do, indeed, need your help ! If you want to get involved, create an account here and stay tuned for such invitations :

8-and do you have a social media page where I can share pictures and videos of games I’ve played ?

Yes indeed!

9 – I’d like to write an article or share this story in some way, what do I need to do ?

You are more than welcomed to share this information and anything you find in the above links. Furthermore, if you require additional information not found here, don’t hesitate to contact

Also, you can find a selection of pictures of our project here to spruce up your publication here :

A great many thanks for all your continued support and I wish you a wonderful time playing C@rds in Common !

Metacollab Montreal :

Un projet de Metacollab Montreal
Par Matthieu Rhéaume
Raphaële Gosselin Payment
Christian Valin
Vanessa Duong
Zachary Pratt
Design graphique par Kinga Michalska et Matthieu Rhéaume



Big sales Online Store, August 2018
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Discover Art&Fact!

Formerly the newsletter for Métacollab Montreal and the projects of Matthieu Rhéaume
You are receiving the Art&Fact Newsletter because you have previously participated in the creation of one of our Works or mentioned being interested in either purchasing some of our products and / or interested in our co-creative process.


for the launch of our Online Shop!

Enjoy the “Trailblazer Discount” for the
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Take part in this first order of Art&Fact products this summer and get access to a 20% discount, the “trailblazer discount”! All prices in the store will be reduced until the end of August 2018, which makes this the perfect opportunity to discover our projects and to encourage us!

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Art & Fact offers more than ten learning objects to help you grow, dream, discover life and change the world!



Powerful conversation starters
A 24 card deck to break the ice and firestart stimulating conversations amongst friends or strangers. Pick a card per person and share it or ask a question to the entire group.

Mini missions to change the world
24 mini missions made to enchant public spaces and your relationship to yourself with the intention of nourishing positive life changes. Use these to naturally contribute to a society in which equity, the well-being for all, resiliency and sustainability rhyme with daily reality. These cards may be used for personal inspiration or shared with all you meet to start the revolution.

Dreams to reality
24 powerful questions to help you delve into your dreams and turn them into your reality. Use these cards to enrich your projects or to support your loved ones in the development of their own dreams.

Expressions of Gratitudes
A game to help you express gratitude to strangers in public places. Share these cards with strangers to encourage behaviors and ways of living that inspire you while cultivating your own capacity for appreciation through a more sustained dedication to observing and expressing gratitudes. 

& Rediscover our old creations


are available through our Online Store.


A collaboration btween Art&Fact + La Maison d’innovation sociale (MIS) in service of :

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page and our Website for news on our recent collaboration with the MIS where we co-created the Patterns of social engagement related to 100In1Day Montreal 2018.

Want to create your own social impact printing products?

Write to us!

You can read about our methodology: Participatory documentation processes and discover our services:

Thank You for your continued support! 


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A&F Survey Help EN – Fev 2018

Project Updates,  February 2018
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First off, some important news :

This newsletter is changing it’s focus!
Up until now, I’ve used this medium to communicate with all of you about every aspect of my work (that’s Métacollab Montréal‘s updates and productions, news relevant to the Association of Social Artists, my tarot practice and other personal art projects) under the name “The Social art Movement”. 
From now on, this newsletter will concentrate exclusively on news regarding the creation of learning objects, such as when I created the Cards in Common, the book on transformation and the virtue cards. 

This project now goes by the name Art&Fact.
Interested in continuing the journey with the Associated Social Artists? Join their newly created mailing list here
The following publications of this newsletter will arrive with this header image!

Now, onto the news!


What have we been up to in 2017?

New creations and tons of new ideas!

We have card sets to cultivate love, others to learn about social innovation practices, and others still to re-enforce virtues and much more! 

To avoid making this email too bulky, I created a separate web page where you can learn everything you need to know about all the new stuff and order all of our old products, all in one convenient location!
Visit our “store” now!


The 2018 plan


We’re applying to a grant that could help us dedicate ourselves to creating objects like these for years to come and, to accomplish on this, we need your feedback on our projected ideas!


Click here to help us !

(it’s a survey, it takes about 5 minutes)


Did you know?

We’re starting a professional association for social artists!

Ever wanted to join a community of like-minded artists dedicated to marketing their social art practice the center of their world?

Well, good news, Associated Social Artists is here to create a reason for all of us to reunite and co-create the world of tomorrow through relational art practices.

Want to know more?
Click here for the Facebook page
Here to join the Montreal facebook group

Click here to see the winter 2018 ASA newsletter

My big new creation of 2017,
the wiki of social arts!

Got any questions?
want to get involved?

You can reach me at anytime.

Thank You for your continued support! 


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2017 Montreal Social Art Spring Events

Social Art Mouvement Newsletter
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ASA Spring 2017 Newsletter

The following email contains information on these subjects : 
– The C@rds in Common launch event & access to the pre-order form for the next group purchase. 
– An Invitation to join a CoDeveloppement Circle to help you grow your projects
– in invitation to a Creative SenseMaking activity for LESPACEMAKER’s pre-launch party on April 22nd
– The Silent Disco Squad Montreal’s 2017 Master Plan 
– An exclusive offer on a new product created to support people’s meditation practices
– A request for help – wiki / coding competencies

C@rds in Common Launch Event!

You are cordially invited to join the social change agents community of Montreal for the launch event for the C@rds in Common! Expect a fun and learning-rich evening where we’ll be playing our game and other games from local social game creators to explore the potential of play as a social change facilitator. 
This event will be free and will be taking place in Ulule Montréal’s space at :
    5248 boulevard Saint-Laurent
    Thursday the 11th of Mai 2017
     from 17 h 30 to 20 h 30

For more information and this event available on the facebook event :

and on the RSVP link :

C@rds in Common Bulk Order Form

We have just opened a new pre-order campaign for the C@rds in Common!
Those interested in purchasing the game (at cost) can join by filling out the following form


Place an order!

Invitation to join a CoDeveloppement Cercle

Myself and Aaron Ball of Unlock Your Higher Potential are excited to invite you to join us in creating a CoDeveloppement Circle, where you’ll have the opportunity to elevate your art, your work, your health, your character or whatever you decide to bring to it, within a community of committed peers dedicated to your success. 
To participate, one just needs to bring to the circle whatever project is most alive in them with the explicit intention of harnessing the collective intelligence of the group to help them innovate, solve problems, get challenged and learn their way to a better, stronger version of what they initially brought. 

Those curious to know more are invited to click the button bellow for further information.
Join the Circle!

Invitation to LESPACEMAKERS’ pre-launch
Creative Sensemaking Activity

LESPACEMAKER is a non-profit social economy entreprise and its goal is to offer a collaborative space for fabrication (making), learning, exploration, creation, exhibition and sharing of knowledge. One of its goals is to give access to specialized tools, to offer the space to use them and unite varied expertise.

The project is currently in the development phase and on the evening of April 22nd, there will be a pre-launch celebration of the space where a group sense-making activity will be taking place where participants are going to be invited to build a rapport with the space in a playful and creative way. 

for more information on this event, please follow the link bellow : 
Event information


This year, Silent Disco Squad Montreal is changing it’s practice to include more diversity and more participant input! 

2017 is going to be about : 
A – Transforming SDS into a Cultural Common,
B – Getting permission from known DJs to use their mixes for Discos and
C – Facilitating the organisation of Discos by new people.
(Read the full Master Plan here) 

Want to help? want to dance? want to become an disco ambassador? Write to us!
Help Silent Disco Squad Montreal

Exclusive Offer : Virtue Cards

Members of this mailing list are invited to join a pre-release order of the Virtue Cards.
These 38 cards combine fundamental virtues and beautiful high definition images of nature to create an inspiring tool to help focus, commitment and self-reflection using universal principles.

This exclusive offer is for an early adopter’s rate of 20% off the 25$CAN asking price,
making the game available to you for only 20$
Those interested should contact me using the email address found bellow :
Pre-order the Virtue Cards today!

Request for help

Are you interested in helping in the emergence of the Association of Social Artists Montreal
Do you have skills in handling wikis or any experience coding? 
If you or anyone you know fit the above criterias then know that we are very interested in getting some support in opening the World’s first wiki dedicated to Social Art practices!

In this very early stage of development, we are looking for volunteers to help lay the foundation of the website so as to facilitate our capacity to document the world of social arts. 

Those joining this project this early will also be considered first when later financing will permit us to hire developers for the future of this project. 
Interested? curious? want to know more? 
Please email me to get the conversation started! 
Join the ASAwiki dev team today!
Thanks a bunch for everything!

Looking forward to enjoying this year with all of you

Matthieu R
All this content is made available under the ” Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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2016 Year In Review



In December 2015, I changed for the ‘enteenth time my task management tool, as always incorporating new ideas harvested from the failures of my past systems and, for the first time in 7 or 8 years, I created one that really works.

I’ve used the same system for a year now and not only can I say that it consistently prove itself valuable as a way to manage tasks but it also affords me an opportunity I never had before : to revisit (in staggering detail) my year from the point of view of my realizations.

So this year, I accomplished on 358 tasks this year
and in that I found 24 milestones.

I can say with confidence that 2016 was a good year for me

and I am proud of that.

This article intends on providing a brief description of the tool used and providing my year in review as the case study for it’s success. I’m sharing this in hopes of helping my peers feel more accomplished while actually accomplishing stuff.

Case Study : my 2016 in review

This morning, December 31st 2016, I counted 358 entries in my archive since the creation of this tool (which will be 359 once I publish this article).


That’s a very encouraging number.

That being said, the scope of these tasks vary quite a bit.

Some are of the utmost insignificance in hindsight :


Most were mundane unremarkable little steps :

Others help remember problems long since fixed and forgotten :


and yet others refresh the memory of a faded pleasant experience :


While others confirm once again that taking care of friends always merits my attention and focus :


All these help tell a story of my year, and reviewing them helped strenghthen the idea that this year, I indeed did great things.


But most of all, I am floored at the scope of my milestones :


These highlights run the gamut from significant to outstanding to downright miraculous. I expected 10 when I started unpacking my archive, I ended with 24!

So, thanks to this tool, I can now remember that

This year, I

  • published 3 books
  • published a collaboratively produced card game
  • opened
  • started DJing
  • performed a cappella at a strange participatory concert of my creation
  • learned photoshop,
  • learned about how to manage a Wiki (stay tuned for that one 😉 )
  • Moved (twice)
  • bought a car
  • build myself a standing desk from old church wood (and built moe things than I ever built before)
  • started taking care of Silent Disco Squad in Montreal
  • Started giving guitar classes
  • learned how to make awesome coffees from a master Barrista
  • Started teaching people about Tarot
  • learned about lots of legal stuff regarding contracts and rights of publication
  • went through the entire process of inscribing in a university program only to choose to continue working like this
  • AND took care of my mental health like never before

This is an astounding reflection; and since it is now time to sculpt the portrait of 2017’th dreams and objectifs, could this have come at a better time?

The Tool

The tool

The system itself is stupid simple.

It all starts with non-sticky post-it notes cut in halves. On these halves are written single tasks. Along side the sticky notes I have 2 other devices :

img_4591 Little red squares to highlight which tasks are upcoming

img_4592 and blue stars to bring attention to certain projects & priorities

The whole thing sticks to the wall using Blu-tack and is placed next to your workstation

How to use it? 

Families of tasks (different projects / subjects / categories) are headed by a framed post it note :


Subsequent tasks within this category simply have no frame. 

Task families of current focus get a star (i.e. “Project A”, “Home Renovations” and Writing a Book”). Try to limit yourself to 3 focuses at once max – and stick with them for long periods of time  (i.e. months).

Tasks of upcoming importance / urgency get one of many red squares (I have 15 total right now. I also made little squares with 1, 2 and 3 on them to highlight my primary secondary and tertiary priorities.


Once tasks are completed, they go into an archive for future review. Tasks that are abandoned are discarded (not archived).

I tend to do daily debriefs to archive completed tasks and to add new tasks as they appear. Weekly or bi-monthly, I re-evaluation the whole system to redistribute priority squares to make sure everything is balanced and taken care of.

And there it is, that’s the whole system.

Those in the know may recognize all this as a form of scrum altered by Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle, and they’d be right.

A great many thanks to all my friends, allies and supporters for a wonderfully successful year.

may your 2016 and the years ahead be fertile and bountiful.

Much love
Matthieu R

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Pre Order Cards EN

Project Updates, Cards in Common and a Holiday Gift
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This email contains purchase and pricing information for the C@RDS in COMMON game, information concerning the first round of Montréal, Europe and US shipments and a free report on the potential of badges in Fab Labs.

Please note that if you are receiving this email in both languages it is because I did not know which language to communicate with you in; please update your language preferences by replying to this email with either “FRANCAIS” or “ENGLISH” to resolve this issue. Thanks! 


Just in time for the Holidays!

Hello everyone!
Good News! Canadian, American and European commoners will get a change to order their copy of the coproduced card game “C@RDS in COMMON” just in time for the holidays!

Not only that but this first publication will only cost you as much as it costs us to produce and ship it to you. No profit, no extra fees, just the game, in your hands, as affordably as we can make it!

More than 50 participants helped us create over 250 cards during the World Social Forum 2016. A selection from these cards lead to the creation a game which we are very now very proud of. 

Are you ready to play a game about the commons?

Cards in Common is a game of political collaboration where 2 to 5 players work together to mobilize civil society strong enough to defend civil liberties and the commons. Will you succeed at preventing the erosion of the Commons or will you let enclosure acts complet their world takeover?
Here are some useful links regarding our game 

Facebook page
Website (temporary) 
Online store page (TBD) 



For Montrealers, the game is evaluated to cost 35$.
It will arrive in town around the 12th of December and shall be available for pick up as a hand off from me to you 🙂 
If you wish to order your copy, you’ll need to send me an email before the 7th of December by clicking the button bellow. Please note that to make a Montreal order, I will require a etransfer of the game’s cost before placing your order. 
Email me!


In Europe, the game is expected to cost around 35 Euros  (details TBD after the package arrives around the 15th of December in case their are additional charges at the borders) 
Europeans will have to email our friends at Gazibo to place their orders, also before December 8th.
Email them now!


For people who want to order the game from the US, your situation is considerably different. 
You guys will have the chance to order the game yourselves from a online website URL that is NOT READY YET starting on December 18th. Once this website will be opened for orders, it will be possible for your to order the game for 22.99 US and receive it within 2 to 3 days with a shipping option that costs around 7$. 
If you’d like to be kept informed as to when you can order the cards yourselves, please send me an email by hitting the button bellow and I’ll make sure to remind you once they are ready. 
Stay informed on US Orders

A Holiday Gift!

On another note, I recently facilitated a creative conversation that explored the potential of using badges as a means to track competencies and learning opportunities in fab labs.
I made a report on it and I wanted to give it to you as my holiday present 🙂
(Heads up though! it’s in french only :/ sorry to those who won’t be able to use it.)
Free Download
Thank you so much for everything!
I hope you have yourselves a great holiday season.


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The Book On Gratitude Is Finished!

Project Updates, September 2016
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Métacollab Montreal's Facebook
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Email me!

Hi everyone!

This is to announce that the book we co-created last week at the Village au Pied du Courant during the Post-Brun friday night is FINISHED! 

Please note that that to contact you all I chose to use my professional channel, which seamed like the right way to contact you but it does add you to my mailing list; so, if you don’t want any future news from me, please unsubscribe from this list.

Also, if you are receiving this email in both languages it is because I did not know which language to communicate with you in; also note If you do want to stay connected and you got the double emails, then please update your language preferences by replying to this email with either “FRANCAIS” or “ENGLISH” to resolve this issue. Thanks! 

The book from last friday’s post burn is FINISHED! 

The collective works of 40 people over 50+ pages expressing gratitude for the Village, the party, Burning Man, life and everything else.


Download the full PDF version here

Thank You! 

see you all very soon I hope.


Our mailing address is:

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Project Updates, September 2016

Project Updates, September 2016
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This email contains download information, eStore, purchase and pricing for the book and launch party details for the TaBURNak 7 bookmaking jam and information concerning the first round of Montréal game testing for the CommonSpace Card Game. 

Please note that if you are receiving this email in both languages it is because I did not know which language to communicate with you in; please update your language preferences by replying to this email with either “FRANCAIS” or “ENGLISH” to resolve this issue. Thanks! 


The TaBURNak7 book is FINISHED! 

“Transformation @ Burning Man, festivals, etc. is a 100+ page collective production created by 80+ authors in a single evening during TaBURNak 7, Montreal’s local decompression event. We explored the transformative impact of festival culture through a democratic sensemaking experiment.


Make your way to the website to find two different versions of the book.
Order the High Quality version
Order the Low Quality version
(Please note that prices listed there with a 0% margin of profit, Costs are to cover printing and shipping only.) 

For those not interested in a physical copy of the book, you can also :
Download the full PDF version here
A few copies of the book will be available for purchase AT A REDUCED COST during the Montreal Decompression Party being hosted on September 24th at the closing event for le Village au Pied du Courant.
follow the link bellow for more information : 

Join the event!
See you there!


The Commons Cards are ready for testing!

We are days away from version 0.1 being completed and sent to the printers!
50+ participants helped us create 250+ cards during the World Social Forum of Montreal in August 2016 and we’re working to transform all this beautiful work into a collaborative card game about political action around the Commons.
This game tests players capacity to share and collaborate to respond the anti-democratic enclosures with powerful communal projects and political action. 2 to 5 players join forces to work on bringing about a wonderful world in service of all. 
If you find yourself in the Montreal region, you are invited to join us for prototype game nights!

If you’re interested, then subscribe to the news feed at the following address to be kept informed on event dates, locations, etc. 
Event schedule

Thank You! 

see you all very soon I hope.


Our mailing address is:

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