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Project Updates,  February 2018
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First off, some important news :

This newsletter is changing it’s focus!
Up until now, I’ve used this medium to communicate with all of you about every aspect of my work (that’s Métacollab Montréal‘s updates and productions, news relevant to the Association of Social Artists, my tarot practice and other personal art projects) under the name “The Social art Movement”. 
From now on, this newsletter will concentrate exclusively on news regarding the creation of learning objects, such as when I created the Cards in Common, the book on transformation and the virtue cards. 

This project now goes by the name Art&Fact.
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Now, onto the news!


What have we been up to in 2017?

New creations and tons of new ideas!

We have card sets to cultivate love, others to learn about social innovation practices, and others still to re-enforce virtues and much more! 

To avoid making this email too bulky, I created a separate web page where you can learn everything you need to know about all the new stuff and order all of our old products, all in one convenient location!
Visit our “store” now!


The 2018 plan


We’re applying to a grant that could help us dedicate ourselves to creating objects like these for years to come and, to accomplish on this, we need your feedback on our projected ideas!


Click here to help us !

(it’s a survey, it takes about 5 minutes)


Did you know?

We’re starting a professional association for social artists!

Ever wanted to join a community of like-minded artists dedicated to marketing their social art practice the center of their world?

Well, good news, Associated Social Artists is here to create a reason for all of us to reunite and co-create the world of tomorrow through relational art practices.

Want to know more?
Click here for the Facebook page
Here to join the Montreal facebook group

Click here to see the winter 2018 ASA newsletter

My big new creation of 2017,
the wiki of social arts!

Got any questions?
want to get involved?

You can reach me at anytime.

Thank You for your continued support! 


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