Game Mysterious criteria

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Mysterious criteria is a very, very silly game.
At least 3 people compete in a miming contest where the winning condition is unknown to all but the judge!

Get ready for a very wacky time trying to mime constructed concepts pulled from 4 different types of cards : characters, states of matter, emotions and body manipulations. Pull 2 or more cards from these 4 decks to compose a strange caricature that needs to be mimed out, only to be judged on a criteria you’re not even aware of! At the end ofa round, the winner becomes the judge and th group self-ridicule continues

So, what do you think a “sensual” “falling” “vaccum” “in reverse” looks like? 😛

This version is early access and has no rulebook yet, but the game is so simple that fun is garantied even without them 🙂

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