Massive event-wide co-creation

Take advantage of an event where your community is getting together to harness collective intelligence and produce a tool that advances your cause.

Be it for a rapid intervention or complete integration within your event design, Art&Fact can co-create a memorable and meaning artifact making process.

Contact us if you wish to:

  • Understand a problem
  • Facilitate an event
  • Document an event (organizational memory)
  • Stimulate participation, engagement
  • Innovate in the field
  • Collect data
  • Make a portrait of the community
  • Compile a quick-reference guide
  • Create a practical tool
  • Have a social impact on the cause you are defending
  • Reach a consensus
  • Step outside the silos (work together)
  • Live an experience
  • Shake up your routine

We offer to facilitate :

  • Co-creation activities
  • Intimate, smaller setting co-design process
  • Digital co-production
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Semi-permanent installation
  • Consultation process
  • Collective process

You can then distribute your artefact as:

  • An internal tool
  • A tool for your community
  • A tool for the massive public diffussion

Our satisfied customers :